"You have fulfilled my dream."

WCOI had the privilege of visiting North East India to take part in the release of the Audio Bibles in Paite, Simte and Gangte languages respectively. These communities live in Manipur and it was a privilege to work with them in helping them receive the Bible in Audio. Many people in these communities are oral learners. WCOI works with a lot of ministries and churches in order to reach these communities in India. We believe strongly in partnerships and we are so happy to have like minded organizations team up with us for these projects. We thank Bible Society of India and the Trinitarian Bible Society for providing us the copyright to record these Bibles. We also thank our ministry partners Leading the way and MegaVoice for helping us with these wonderful Navigator/Envoy Audio tools that has blessed so many homes in India.

During our distributions, we always encounter people who touch our hearts by blessing us with their kind words of appreciation and prayers. After our distribution at the Simte church, one elderly lady walked up to me slowly, she held my hand gently and said "You have fulfilled my dream." WOW, what a statement to make. Imagine her plight for a second, this lady has always wanted to read the Bible, but was never able to do so because she could not read. It was God's love letter to her but she just could not read it by herself. She had to have some one read it out for her at their convenience. Imagine the joy that must have filled her heart to know that she now can read/listen to the Bible on her own. She had a the biggest smile that Sunday morning.

Another young man I met during our distribution of the Paite Bible told me how much he had longed for this Audio Bible. This young man lost his eyesight in a terrible accident. The world suddenly turned dark, and he had to depend on his wife to even move around his own home. He could suddenly not read or write. He had to have some one read out everything for him. He missed reading his precious Bible the most. He told us that the moment he knew that the Audio Bible was being recorded in his language, he would call our reader and keep asking him for updates. He would encourage our reader to finish it quickly. Our reader was also very motivated and encouraged by seeing this man's desperation to have the Bible in Audio. He told the reader that he was praying that the project would be completed soon so that he can start reading the Bible by himself all over again. Imagine this man's plight for a second. The world suddenly turned dark for him, he could no longer do anything on his own. He had to re learn how to live life in a world of darkness. His wife became his eyes and helped him as much as she could. He still missed having his quite time and reading the Bible by himself.

How joyful it must have been for the elderly woman and this young blind man to know that their precious Bible was now made available in Audio. How wonderful it must have been for them to know that they will no longer have to depend on anyone to read God's precious word to them. That Sunday morning, both of them walked out of the church gate with their brand new Audio bibles with them. Both of them walked out with their heads held high and their hearts filled with Joy. Nothing could stop them from reading God's Love Letter to them.

Thank you for praying for the ministry of WCOI.