With no water, this Leprosy colony is struggling - You can help!

A few months back we visited a small Leprosy colony in South India to distribute Audio Bibles. It was a wonderful occasion as we were able to meet and spend time with the residents living here. Residents living in this colony struggle to live a normal life. Leprosy has taken its toll and though they are cured, they walk around with the severe scars that this disease has left them with. With no fingers and toes and with other deep scars that only they know of, they live a difficult life. 

As we were talking to them they opened up and shared to our team about how the colony has been facing severe shortage of water. They told us that the only well in their colony had dried up a few years ago, the bore well with a hand pump that was later installed has also run dry. Presently, the whole colony pools in money to source water from private water tankers. This water is reused several times by the residents in order to save money. Being a stigmatized community, they are unable to walk into other villages or colonies in search of water as they are not accepted by the people living here. With clawed hands and feet with no toes, their struggle to fetch clean water is sad.

We heard their need for water, and we wanted to explore how we could help them. Yes, we did provide them the Audio Bible and are confident that it would be a blessing, but we were moved to do more as their need for water was heart wrenching. We decided to see how best we can help them.

Helping them with a bore well will help many in this colony gain access to clean water. The elders in the community have identified a water source. According to them, they estimate the cost of the bore well to be around Rupees 300,000. Since, their only source of income is through begging, they are just unable to raise the funds needed to dig this bore well.

Jesus said "And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward" (Matt 10:42).   I would like to introduce you to our "GiveHope Project" that aims to provide clean water, improved health, and the hope of the gospel to families living in extreme poverty. The GiveHope Project aims to be hands and feet of Jesus among the world’s most marginalized communities. The people living here need our help and we just cannot keep silent.

WCOI will be raising the funds needed to help this community access water. You and your family are welcome to give as much as you can towards helping this community. Listed below are ways through which you can give towards this project. 

Thank you for praying for the ministry of WCOI.

James Ragland
Director - World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI)

(This project was completed and we are happy to report that the village now has Water. Thanks to many who helped support and pray for this need)