Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path

I watched the members of this congregation from a small village in Jharkhand look at their new Audio Bible devices. Everyone here were so excited about a simple feature that the Megavoice Audio Device team had added in the InTouch Messenger device that WCOI distributes. It was a simple flash light on the top of the Audio Bible device. 

A simple flash light that got the whole church excited.

It was about six in the evening when we were done with the distribution and I noticed that the Church had no lights. I glanced outside the church through a window and realized there were no lights anywhere. But, I did see electricity poles that carried what looked like active lines. I walked up to the pastor and asked him how come no home was lit although the village looked like it had electricity. He smiled and told me that it had been three months since they last had electricity. The last time they had electricity, it lasted for just 3 hours. He was not sure of when they will once again have electricity.

A simple flash light got the village smiling. A device loaded with the Mundari Audio Bible, messages by Dr. Charles Stanley and a simple flash light was now a perfect companion for them as they walked on roads with no light. 

Isn't that just so beautiful. Many have told us about how helpful the flash light and the solar powered audio devices have been to them. Nothing can now stop them from hearing God's word, not even the darkness 

- James