The Banchhada community needs God’s word and you can help!

Being born as a girl in the Banchhada family means that her father would look at his daughter with happiness on his face, dreaming about the money that this girl would bring by selling her body by the age of 12. Yes, you read it right. Welcome to the plight of the Banchhada community in Madhya Pradesh in India where the fate of women is prostitution.The birth of a girl is considered auspicious but what happens later on is nothing short of an irony.   

“Most parents introduce their daughters to prostitution as soon as they attain puberty, at the age of 13 or 14. The girl's initiation is also celebrated as a social event in the community.There is much drinking and revelry, with the girl's first customer footing the bill (IndiaToday, 2013).” 

 Everyday for the rest of their lives the first born women practice prostitution as a profession with her father and brothers acting as pimps. Most times it's more than one girl from the family. Girls have no way of experiencing anything else in life. Prostitution is the only way of life for them.    

“It is evident that poverty is the primary reason that forces the Banchchara women to turn into prostitutes. As Shanti, 18, along with her two sisters, says: "What else could we do? Our father, a farm worker, is dead and our two brothers are very young." Others enter the profession out of an ingrained sense of duty towards their parents. Says Suneeta, 30, who has been a prostitute for 14 years: "How can I refuse to support my parents? I am the eldest daughter and this is the tradition." (IndiaToday, 2013). 

 Only God can break societal beliefs and age old traditions. No amount of discourse can bring about change. The whole community is very tightly knit and so the chances of the gospel reaching them is very rare. Many in this community cannot read as they do not go to school. But there is a ray of hope. 

WCOI has identified Christian mission agencies that are working among this community and rehabilitating the women rescued from prostitution. Audio Bible devices can help change lives. There is a very large need for Scripture engagement here and this is possible only through these audio devices. We at WCOI want to provide at least 2000 players the people of Banchhada so that they have an opportunity to listen to God’s word but we need your help. This GiveHope initiative will begin distributions among this community on December 15th based on the how much we can raise to provide devices. You and I need to act fast if we want this community to know God in a personal manner. You can help by providing a donation for a few players that will be distributed in this community. We have prayerfully decided to raise Rupees Ten Lakhs (USD 14000) to address this urgent need of 2000 players. May God give you a burden to see people engage with Scripture in this community. Lets pray for a change and give with an open heart.

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."  Isaiah 55:11