Thank You For Praying

Thank you for your prayers and support towards the ministry of WCOI. As many of you know that our campus was bursling with a lot of activity for the past two years with the new building coming up. It was our fear that the building construction would slow us down, but God had other plans. I am continually amazed to see how many lives God has enabled this small organization to touch lives. God has been constantly reminding us to do our job well, and not worry about what is happening beside us. It was very difficult, but when I look back, I am amazed to see how God carried us through the tough times. God helped us to stay focussed and WCOI has touched and impacted the lives of many people by providing them the Bible in Audio.

Last month we had a distribution among the Blind in Tiruchirappalli and in Chennai. In Tiruchirappalli we distributed 120 Audio Bibles in Tamil and in Chennai we distributed 40 Audio Bibles. We are so amazed to see the growing need for more Bibles in the Blind community. We heard many great testimonies from the visually challenged people. I would like to share one testimony that had us rejoicing.

A blind man stood up and testified telling us that he had received one of our Bibles about a year back. He loved his Audio Bible so much that he kept listening to it over and over again. He told us that he memorized close to 3000 verses just by listening. 3000 Verses! He also told us that he recently participated in a Memory Verse recitation contest and came first. They offered him a cash prize of Rs 10500. Praise God!

We love such stories as it blesses our heart to know how well these players are being used. All of you reading this email have been involved with WCOI in some small way. This month we have another huge distribution coming up among our visually challenged brothers and sisters. We will be distributing close to 700 Audio Bibles. I request you to pray for our travel and also for all the visually challenged people who will be coming to receive a copy of the Audio Bible. Pray that these Bibles will function well and touch the lives of the many people who hear them.