Testimonies from the Children at Mukti Mission

In March, we had a wonderful distribution at Mukti Mission, Pune. Many children and women were blessed with these Audio Bibles and Dolls. I have always been amazed at the how people react to the Audio Bible the moment they learn to use it. At Mukti, it was no different. Older women could not stop smiling, some kept listening and listening, the visually challenged women were ecstatic. It is always such a joy and privilege to witness all these emotions at every distribution. Most times it feels like they have discovered something that was lost for a long time. Some of them feel free for they now will not have to depend on anyone to help them read. What a blessing it is to help these wonderful children of God hear God speak to them through His word in Audio.

Recently we received some beautiful testimonies from these children. Many have testified of how they have been blessed by having their own copy of the Word to listen to; here are some of their testimonies:

Rani Shinde: I am hearing God’s Word through the Audio Bible. The more time that I am spending with the Audio Bible the more I feel that still I need to listen. I felt that my fear has gone and I’ve got peace in my heart. Whenever I am hearing I feel that God is touching me

Stutz Katnavare: The hearing of my new Audio Bible made me feel that I am sitting near to God and I felt happy and better. I am an eight year old girl. I felt wonderful when I received it and I am delighted that I am having an Audio Bible. 

Shweta Naidu: The hearing of my new Audio Bible helped me to memorize God’s Word. When I am missing my home the perfect Word of God is giving comfort to me. After hearing the Audio Bible I got a divine touch and happiness. 

Sashi Waghmare:  Since I started to hear the Audio Bible, the habit of hearing the Bible is newly started and that willingness revealed to me and I am getting peace as if God is only speaking to me constantly.

Paypal Harsher:  The hearing of Audio Bible made me feel that I must hear God’s Word every time and I felt happy and I am carefully carrying my listening to it every night before going to bed and I am getting the blessings.

Bhagyashri Lokhande: Listening to the Audio Bible made my life to be more closer to the Lord, I felt that God is speaking to me through this Audio Bible, I am using this any time, anywhere, and this is very important in my life so that I am giving thanks to my Almighty God and to the providers for getting this Audio Bible into my hand. 

Jiya Dhadite: I started to learn about God’s work in the creation and how he created everything. Thanks for providing this Audio Bible. 

Alpha Sanjay Kasbe: I learned to tell the truth, to love each other and to share God’s Word with others from this Audio Bible. A great thing I learned that the Lord given His life to us and there is no one else to give their life for us. 

Shruti Bharat Khude: Since I have got the Audio Bible, I listen to it every day, and in the evening. Then I can sleep. It is helping me to memorize the Bible verses. I learned many new things including how to respect elders and how to be obedient to God.

We praise God for all the wonderful things he has been doing through Pandita Ramabai's Mukti Mission. It was an honor and privilege to partner alongside them and help them by providing Wildlife Story Teller Toys for the little ones and Audio Bibles for the other. May His name alone be glorified.