Storyteller Distribution in Jaipur

WCOI recently signed a MOU with BIBLICA. This allows WCOI to record and distribute the audio of the Bibles published by them. We are grateful for this partnership.

In April, WCOI and Biblica partnered to reach out to children living in a slum in Jaipur with the Hindi NIV audio Bible that was placed inside a soft toy. Mr. Simon Martins and his wife Anima have been reaching out to children living in this slum by running a literacy program here. They run this program in the slum under a tin-roof roof. With temperatures over 100 Deg F, it felt like we were in an oven. We were joined by NFL star Matt Forte (Chicago Bears) and his wife Danielle for this distribution. 

The children did not mind the heat and were so full of joy. They sang songs for us and welcomed us with their beautiful smiles. We distributed these lovely dolls and the players to them. It was wonderful to see many hugging and kissing their soft dolls. They were excited and we hope that the players they listen to will not only be helpful for their own spiritual nourishment but for everyone in their homes. It is our prayer that each child will know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal manner. 

We thank each one who contributed towards these devices. Many times we are unable to enter homes because of severe opposition. These audio Bibles that we have distributed not only enter homes, but also stay with the family proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. We praise God for this. Please pray that many lives are transformed as they hear God's word in audio.