Remembering God's faithfulness

We here at WCOI have a lot to be thankful for. On December 14, 1968, 50 years back our Founder President committed his life to Jesus. He has been inspiring us and teaching us and we thank God for him and his life.

Being the first born son in a non-christian family, Rev Sundararajan grew up to be a Communist and disliked anyone who spoke about God. His aim was to complete a Degree in Political Science and move to Russia for his Higher Education. But, God had other plans.

Rev. Sundara Rajan was invited to a small Bible Study group that met at his college. He went to this Bible Study reluctantly and did not pay much attention to what was going on, he was invited again and this time he heard what was being taught. At the end of the meeting Rev. Sundara said a simple prayer, he asked God to heal him of his emptiness and fill him with joy as he found no purpose in life, and he promised that he would serve God for the rest of his life if the God they spoke of healed him and gave him the peace he was searching for. This was the day when he made this prayer and committed his life to God 50 years ago. God changed his life.

He was soon chased out of his home for his profession of faith and his strong commitment to serve the Lord Jesus. Rev. Sundara Rajan started working as an evangelist in the year 1969. One day while he was distributing tracts he came across a young man who refused to take the tract because he could not read. This burdened Rev. Sundarar Rajan and he wanted to help people who cannot read know God. He wondered how then will they know God when they cannot read his precious Word?. He prayed and asked the Lord to help him provide Audio Bibles in India to many who cannot read. He founded the ministry of WCOI in the year 1980 and registered it in 1982 after praying for for 10 years. God has blessed his commitment and WCOI has blessed thousands of people in India by providing the Bible in Audio since then.

What started with just 4 cassettes and a cassette recorder has now become a ministry that has recorded the Bible in many Indian languages and has also kept up with the ever changing technology around us. The vision that God gave Rev. Sundararajan is still being carried and we are so happy to have walked this journey with this wonderful man of God.

Join us in Congratulating him and praising God for his wonderful testimony, life and for being an inspiration to us.  WCOI Staff