Prayers go UP, Blessings come DOWN

A few weeks back weeks back we wrote about a leprosy colony that was struggling with severe scarcity of water. With no water, the residents were forced to buy water. The only source of income for many residents here was through begging and for them to buy water from their earning was very difficult. Seeing their de

ef0f32c2-8fc6-4f78-8d71-b30b4862f286.jpgsperate need we asked them how we could help. The residents told us that a bore well in their colony would help them greatly. They also told us that they had identified a point where there was a water table.

Sensing the urgency of their need, WCOI prayerfully approached this need. We requested for help from all our friends and many of you responded to this call for help. We were amazed to see how the Lord moved your hearts to give towards this need. The funds needed for this project were collected within a few weeks and we were truly amazed to see how God enabled us to make the needed arrangements to go ahead with this project. When we informed the residents here that God had provided for this need, they rejoiced and there was a huge sense of relief. 

31 July, 2019 - Borewell work begins

On 31st July, we travelled down to the colony which is a three hour drive from Bangalore. The residents living there and all of us got together and prayed for the day and asked the Lord to help provide this colony with water. The machines started digging at 8:30 Am and our hope was to hit water at 700 feet. Everyone here was so full of joy knowing that they will soon have enough water in the colony. All the residents sat close to the machines watching with hope. By noon, we crossed the 700 feet mark with absolutely no signs of water.

The residents still remained hopeful but as the machine kept digging we slowly watched the drill go down to a depth of 800 ft, 900 ft and the happy faces of the residents started looking sad and discouraged. We soon hit 1000 feet with not a drop of water in sight. The residents in this leprosy colony watched in heart wrenching agony as the drill tore inf6d4254d-3bfe-4d8c-ae8b-d19a0211dade.jpgto rocks crossing the 1000ft mark. Experts had told them that there was water at 600ft but now, everything seemed lost. With the day slowly fading away, the smiles on the faces of all the residents were slowly disappearing. Many gathered around the machine and prayed while others stayed back and said nothing. The community elders requested the borewell company to go on for another 200 feet hoping and praying for a miracle. The machines dug another 200 feet and still could not find water.

“1200ft ku mela poradhu use illa pa! Inga thanni illa! (There’s no point in going deeper than 1200ft, there’s no water here), said the owner of the bore well company.
The situation was tense. Pipe after pipe pierced the ground, probing for signs of water but all that came out was fine dust. After what seemed like forever the deafening roar of the drill was silenced. Tears flowed freely as people came to terms with what had just happened.
“1200ft! Inni kadavul than thanni tharanum… (We’ve hit 1200ft! Only God can provide water now…)” said a resident standing by.

It was really sad for us to see the residents living here who had waited for so many months anticipating and hoping for their struggle for water to come to an end. I spent a few minutes talking to the elders here at the colony encouraging them to not give up and assuring them to hold on to God even during such difficult times. I had an opportunity to encourage them that all is not lost and to keep praying and trusting God. While we were digging we noticed three empty spaces under the ground that probably had water at some point. With severe drought the  tables had dried up.

As we packed up to leave we noticed the disappointment and tears in the eyes of the residents living here. I encouraged the elders and asked them to pray for good rains. I told them that all was not over and that we worship a prayer answering God. I told them that God was scripting an amazing story and they just needed to trust Him and pray for rain. Our hope was that good rains will replenish the water tables and in turn provide water for the community.

Prayers go up, blessings come down!

After a week I met one of the residents near a railway station in Bangalore. She was 136b881f-a870-492a-a2bc-8ea3e0b393e5.jpghere along with a few other residents begging. I inquired about her and the others. I was curious to know how they coped up after we left them.

She smiled and said, "we are praying everyday. No rains till now but we all gather around the bore and pray for water every morning and evening. God will work a miracle and we know that for sure."

Every day for the past 35 days, the villagers had diligently gathered around the bore well and prayed earnestly for rain. They chose not to give up on a God who does everything beautifully in HIS time. God heard thier prayers.

Heavy rainfall lashed this region after 5 years. The residents in the colony could only look up and thank God for the rains. It was an answer to their prayers. But, was the rains sufficient to fill the water tables underneath them and provide them with water?

4th September, 2019. 35 days later.

On 4th September, we decided to visit the colony. The residents had called us to tell us that they were planning to open the borewell to check if there was any water. We decided to go and witness this beautiful miracle.

“Medhuva vidunga pa ulla”(Let it down slowly) shouted an elderly person as a smal44fbb92f-af8b-49c6-a325-b32adc0899be.jpegl vessel tied to a long rope was lowered into the pipe.

Everyone gathered around the bore well. Excitement was at its peak. As the vessel went deeper and deeper the rope became heavier. After a few minutes the vessel was raised again. Maimed arms clapped and anxious faces turned to joy. "I feel WATER" shouted the man letting the vessel in

“Yesappa nallavar! (Our Lord Jesus is good!)” screamed the excited villagers!

They quickly gathered together, measured the length of rope that was dry and shouted in excitement that there was water in the bore well at 60ft!

60ft! From a hole that spewed out dust, God brought forth water!

We stood there in awe at our Creator who marvelously provided water to that leprosy colony. We had given up but He did not! The villagers milled around us congratulating and thanking us for THE GIVE HOPE PROJECT. We, with tears in our eyes looked upward at God, knowing well that our efforts did not bring water…HE DID!  
 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine,
you did for me.’ - Matthew 25:40

I would like to thank each and everyone reading this letter for praying and supporting the work of WCOI. We feel so happy and blessed to have played a small role in touching the lives of many in this community.

We are so glad that we all could be a part of this beautiful story that is still being written by God. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Its not over yet!


James Ragland S
Director - WCOI

PS: Please do spend some time watching the video below (5 Mins). If you do not have a lot of time you can click on the following link and watch a shorter version of the video below -