People With Leprosy Find Hope

A few months back, we had a request for 60 Audio Bibles. The request also said that all of these Bibles were for people who have been cured of leprosy, but the scars of this disease has left them scarred for life. We prayed for this distribution and started working towards it. Last week we were finally able to drive down to a small town called Thiyagadurgam, in Tamil Nadu.

Thiyagadurgam has a hospital that was started by missionaries to treat people with leprosy. Many who came for their treatment found shelter in the open land close by to the hospital and they have been living there for many years. Soon, there were many people like them who just settled and this became a colony. A small colony called Bethesda-puram has been a home for the many leprosy patients who have been cured but are unable to return back to their actual homes because of the stigma that is attached to this disease. They have built small homes and have been living here for many years It was wonderful to sit out in the open under a few trees and show them their new Audio Bible. For this project we teamed up with a like minded organization called World Mission - USA. World Mission had provided us with a few players, and we knew that this small village would really appreciate these audio Bibles.

Many of them walked up to us after the distribution and thanked us with tears. One lady told us about how much she longed to read God's word but could not do so as she was a non-reader and had never been to school. She said no one wanted to sit beside her to read the Bible because of the fear they had of sitting near a leprosy patient. She said she is now so thankful to God as she can read the Bible on her own. Another man told us that this was the greatest treasure that he had got. As we walked out of the distribution center there were many families that were so grateful for this wonderful gift.
As always there were more people who showed up and we did not have enough. There were a lot of emotions that were shown and it was hard at times to tell them that they would just have to wait for some more time. We are working on returning back to this village with more Bibles in the coming year. Please do pray for us as we work towards the many project requests we receive. While it is really pleasing to see the thirst for God's word in Audio, pray that we have enough and more Bibles to meet this demand. The past year has been a wonderful year and God has been with us all through. We give him all the Glory, honor and praise. Do continue to pray for us.