Pastor's prayers answered

Many visually challenged people have found joy in listening to God's word. For many it has given them the freedom to not depend on anyone to read the Bible out for them. For people who can read braille, they have found joy in being able to access books from the Bible that they were never able to mediate on in braille. The braille Bible is huge and for many they always had a problem with storing it. This Audio Bible has given them so much happiness as they can carry it and access it anywhere and at anytime.

Watch a short clip about how this Pastor found it very difficult to read after he lost his eyesight in an accident. He suddenly had to depend on some one to read the Bible out for him. The Audio Bible is now helping him in his ministry. He is now able to hear God's word in Audio any time anywhere. This was an answer to his prayers. Many like this pastor still wait to hear God's word in Audio.