Leprosy Home and colony visit

In the month of February, WCOI distributed audio Bibles at a Leprosy home and at a Leprosy colony. Leprosy homes house residents who have been cured or leprosy but because of the stigma attached to this disease they are rejected by their own families. This home is run by the Government and residents here are not allowed to leave the home. Although this was a government funded home, it was very badly maintained and the people living here had nothing much to do. Leprosy colonies usually are colonies of people who have leprosy, but unlike the people at the home they have more freedom. Many of them living in these colonies beg on trains and buses to earn a living.

WCOI distributed a few audio Bibles that were donated to us by Megavoice to the residents living here. We recently met a few residents who told us how much they were blessed listening to God's word. One man told us that he switches on the audio Bible early in the morning and he keeps listening to it throughout the day. Most of them living here are uneducated and they rely on these audio devices for their spiritual nourishment. We are grateful for your prayer support by helping us with your donations. Many are blessed through your faithful donations for the extension of God's Kingdom.