Kurumba Kannada Recording completed

Kurumba, also known as Kannada Kurumba, is a Southern Dravidian language of the Tamil–Kannada subgroup spoken by the Kuruba tribe. It is often considered a dialect of Kannada; however, the Ethnologue classifies it as a separate language. The New Testament was recently translated and released to the Kurumba people. The Translators of this project approached WCOI to see if this translation can be recorded in Audio as many people in community cannot read. 

WCOI prayerfully  initiated this project but this project hit several roadblocks and remained incomplete for a very long time. We are happy to inform you that WCOI was finally able to complete this project and we are eagerly looking forward to the audio bible distribution. Please pray for us as we work on making this recording available on audio devices and our soon to be launched app called HUM (www.joinHUM.org)