Kokborok New Testament released in Audio

The Kokborok language is the native language of the Borok (Tripura) people of the Indian state of Tripura and neighboring areas of Bangladesh. Kokborok was declared an official language of the state of Tripura, India by the state government in the year 1979.The full Holy Bible in Kokborok language was published for the first time in the year 2013 by the Bible Society of India. 

WCOI had been praying and seeking ways to record the NT for the many people in this community who are still unable to read. Recently, we partnered with TWR-I and requested them to help us find a good voice to record the NT in Kokborok. We are grateful to TWR-I for their commitment in this regard. WCOI and TWR in partnership with TBCU released the NT of the Kokborok bible in audio for the first time in the last week of May.

Many pastors travelled to the venue to pick up the Audio players for their churches and believers. Many of them were happy that they can now hear God's word through these audio bibles. Please pray for the Kokborok community as they listen to His word in audio. Pray that they will draw closer to God and know him better.

We are thankful to God for enabling us to complete this recording. Each unit that was distributed on the InTouch Messenger contained the Audio NT in Kokborok, Sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley, and also the Hindi or English Bible. We are once again grateful to InTouch Ministries for helping provide for these players. Please do continue to pray for recordings that are in progress now. Many still wait to hear God's word in audio.