Hum Audio Bible App LAUNCHED!

What is Hum?

• Hum app is a one stop digital library that has been carefully curated for the needs of Christian leaders and Christ seekers across the globe, with an initial focus on bringing the Word of God to non-literate cultures in India
• Hum app is multi-generational and multicultural with a clean and simple interface to promote continued engagement with the app 
• Hum app is focused on User Centred Design, or design that optimizes an application around the users’ wants and needs and avoids the confusion brought about by forcing users to change their behaviour to accommodate an application’s limitations

Features on the Hum Audio Bible App

  • Listen to the Audio Bible FREE of cost and on an AD free App!
  • Audio Bible available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Kannada, Bengali, Urdu, Chhattisgarhi, Kashmiri, Nepali, Kokborok, Boro, Maram Naga, Simte, Nyishi, Zeme Naga and many more
  • Audio Bible available in over 40 Indian languages with many more to be added soon
  • Smart interface with accessibility buttons for Oral learners and first gen mobile users
  • Listen to Audio Bibles, Messages and Podcasts in your heart languages
  • Download portions to listen offline
  • Bible listening plans- listen to the Bible in one year
  • New Testament listening plans - Listen to the New Testament in 30 days
  • Ask questions - Record feature allows users to record their questions via audio
  • Send testimonials
  • Access the app from anywhere in the world
  • Save your favorite books and chapters
  • Bookmark Content
  • HUM allows users to connect to God’s word in their mother tongue
  • Donate from the app
  • Easy navigation


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