Her precious Audio Bible

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

During our recent visit to a rehabilitation home for people rejected and thrown out of their homes because of Leprosy, we spotted this Audio Bible. We had distributed a few Audio Bibles to the residents at this home about two years back. The Audio Bible still worked! It was wound up with bands and it looked like it had been dropped several times. Most residents have no fingers and it its quite a task to hold anything for more than a minute. The lady who owned this Bible was a Leprosy patient and this Bible was precious.

People scarred by Leprosy usually earn their livelihood by begging. Many do not know to read, and the Audio Bibles we distribute becomes a treasure for them. They listen to it and devour God's word. Many of them are so scarred and leprosy often leaves them disfigured. Audio Players keep slipping out of their hands as they simply have no fingers to grip the player. Yet they Listen.... They love their Bible and cherish it so much. Stories like this encourage us and remind us to be faithful to our vision and calling.

WCOI has been recording scriptures for many like these people. For over 30 years WCOI has been faithfully recording and distributing scriptures in Audio. More recordings are in progress and you can help us by spreading the word and making sure that everyone has access to God's word in their heart language even if they cannot read.

In a world that rejected them for their disease, these Audio Bibles have instilled joy and hope into the lives of these beautiful people. They listen and listen and find Joy in the Lord. Praise God!