God is faithful

When Rev. P A Sundara Rajan founded the ministry of WCOI, he had a vision to reach oral learners with God's word in Audio but did not know how he could do it. He fondly remembers about how difficult life was financially as an young evangelist married to his wife who was still a Hindu. Often his wife saw him standing on his knees praying. One day she asked him what he was praying for. Sundara opened his heart to her and shared to her about his vision. He told her about how he wanted to bless the people of India with the Bible in Audio. He also told her about his vision of distributing the Bible in Cassettes and also providing a player. His wife laughed at him and reminded him that there was not enough money to meet their monthly needs and here he was dreaming like a fool. Sundara reminded her that nothing was impossible with the his God and he had faith that God would enable him to reach many people with God's word in Audio. 

Thirty Seven years have passed and when we look back we can only thank God for enabling and rewarding Mr. Sundara Rajan for his faith and perseverance. Thousands of Audio Bibles have been shipped out of our offices and WCOI has recorded the Bible in Audio in over 90 Indian Languages. WCOI has evolved with every passing year adapting itself to newer technology for recording and distributing the Bible. From cassettes and players we moved on to Cd's and then to MegaVoice solar powered players. As we look forward we do understand that Mobile phones have evolved and have taken over the way we use it to communicate. We at WCOI along with our long term faithful partner Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) have been working together to develop an app that will be able to stream the Bible on your mobile phone. Please pray for us as we hope to get all the required permissions to release the app early next year.