COVID 19 Relief Work - Leprosy Colony Ration Distribution

WCOI has been working with many Churches in Leprosy colonies by providing them with Audio Bibles and also seeing how best the organisation can help these wonderful people who are stigmatized by society. When the lockdown was first announced we were very worried about our brothers and sisters living in these colonies. For many of them living in these colonies their main income depended on the money they made by begging in trains, public places and in bus stands in big cities across southern India. With an unexpected lockdown in place, they had no way of earning any income. This put many families living in this colony in great difficulty. We were unable to go personally and meet with them but had one of our workers visit these colonies to see how we could help them. We heard that they were in desperate need for rations.

We once again thank you for your contributions. Many of you gave with an open heart and this has helped us bless 125 families with ration for their homes. We are so grateful to all our supporters for their support in the work of WCOI. We are blessed with your partnership and thank God that we were able to help many needy people during a crisis like this. Please pray for the people you will see in the video below. You have been a huge blessing to many of them.