COVID-19 Relief Report of Work Done in Partnership with WCOI Supporters

On 24th March 2019, the Prime Minister of India ordered a nation wide lockdown for 21 days limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Many were severely affected due to this sudden lockdown that was later extended until the end of May. Many daily wage workers were directly impacted because of this lockdown and many were unable to provide for their families. One of the most affected communities were Auto Rickshaw drivers. With no passengers to ferry, many of them had to drain out all their financial resources to pay for their rent, vehicle loan and also for providing food for their families. 

WCOI works closely with the Christian Auto Rickshaw Drivers Association in Bangalore. We called the leader of this association to find out how our Brothers were doing. We were told that they were struggling to make ends meet. We promised to see how best we can assist them and we assured them of our prayers.

The Reformed Church in America was doing a Giving Tuesday program on the 5th of May to raise funds for different COVID 19 relief programs across the world. We prayerfully put in our request to help our dear brothers with food rations that will help them and their families. Giving Tuesday was a huge blessing with many of you contributing towards various needs that Missionaries and Ministry partners in the RCA had. With these funds and some funds from our local donors WCOI was able to provide a month’s ration for 60 families.

Many of them who received these rations were very thankful for the timely help. They were glad that the rations now gave them time to rebuild their financial condition. Please watch the video below and do keep them in you prayers.