Audio Bibles for the Visually Challenged

We had a wonderful distribution this past weekend among our Visually challenged friends in Tirunelveli. The organizers had told us that 750 Visually challenged people had registered for and Audio Bible. More than one thousand people gathered for this event. It was wonderful to see how people had travelled many kilometers to be a part of this event. This event was organized by Church of grace, Tirunelveli and by Living word church, Mumbai.

Although we had carried 750 Audio Bibles with us, we distributed only 475 audio Bibles. The organizers had registered 750 Blind people, but only 475 from the registered list showed up for the event. WCOI as a policy does not distribute players to people who have not registered, and also to people who do not come for the event. WCOI usually insists on this policy as most registrations are done by pastors or missionaries from the churches or prayer groups that the blind people are a part off. When we distribute players we would like the person receiving the Bible to have someone to whom they can approach when they have a doubt regarding the Bible, or even if their players are faulty. Most times they usually turn to the people who helped them get the Bible. This also opens doors for missionaries to help present the Gospel and lead them to Christ. It was disheartening to see many others come by and ask us for Bibles, but we requested them to register first and then we would be happy to help them have a Bible. There is a huge need but we must meet this need the right way for His glory.

It was also wonderful to see many children from the Blind school come for the event. Each of them carried with them a Bible as they walked out later that day. Yesterday we received a call from one of the students who told us that she is enjoying her new Audio Bible so much that she simply cannot put it aside.

We also met another young man called Senthil. This young man told us that he memorized more than 200 verses. He told us that he made some one read out the verses aloud and he memorized them. Now he promised us that he would learn more as he did not have to depend on anyone to read the Bible out for him. His Audio BIble will help him memorize many more verses for His glory. What a blessing!

As I sit here typing this email, I just received another call from another blind man who received a Bible last week. He told me that he has received so many gifts ranging from Talking watches, Mobile phone, clothes etc. but the best gift has been his new audio bible. He says he has completed listening to Psalms, Proverbs, and the book of Matthew as well. He told me he cannot express how much he is grateful to God for his Audio Bible. Praise God!

Dear friend, many of them have been blessed by the Bible in Audio. You have been praying for us and supporting this ministry. It is our prayer that these small personal newsletters will remind you to keep praying for the ministry of WCOI and all our staff. God has helped this small ministry touch so many lives, and we are so glad for all the prayer/financial support that you give us. Do continue to pray for us. God bless you.